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SUN OIL - Massage Oil

SUN OIL - Massage Oil

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At the first peek of heart warming sunshine, the buds of the St. John’s wort flower begin to bloom. This is the potent life force of the plant and the perfect time to forage mindfully for our Sun Oil blend.

The beautiful yellow buds release reddish pink nectar when squeezed, and this is the potent medicine that helps nourish the nervous system and skin from the outside in. Foraged by hand in the peak of summer, St.John’s Wort is known to carry the sun’s energy. Use it as a massage oil or to add a glowy look to your skin while nourishing your nervous system. It helps treat S.A.D, and is perfect for embodying solar energy during darker seasons or anytime you need a vitality boost.
We love this episode of Medicine Stories Podcast that delves deeply into the potent magic of St.John's wort herbal oil. 

Gathered in BC, the St.John's Wort is steeped in Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Oil which are great for nourishing skin without clogging pores, while our FLEURS booster works to target inflammation.
Anointing yourself in this oil can be beneficial for acne, rosacea, arthritis pain, muscle pain, nervous system stress, eczema, dry skin, cuts/wounds/scars, and pretty much any skin health concern you can imagine- this plan is a miraculous gift when used topically! It's such a treat to use it in a holistic skin care routine as a face oil right after our nourishing Moroccan Clay Mask. 
vegan, organic, cold pressed oils, hand foraged, made with love ♥️

Apply mindfully and soak in the vital warmth of the sunshine. ☀️ 30 ML
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